Bug Out Bag! aka B.O.B

So what about BOB?  What is a Bug Out Bag?  There are tons of websites out there selling a variety of pre assembled bug out bags ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Some of the bags are packed with cool gear that could probably help you survive on the moon!  For me, a bug out bag is filled with everything I need to survive a disaster for a short period of time, or until I get to my bug out location.  Having a bug out bag packed and ready gives me the option to quickly grab what I need when SHTF and leave my house to avoid disasters.

Many websites and “experts” offer lists of what you should put in your bug out bag, but it’s important to know that any list is only a suggestion.  What you actually put in your  bag should reflect what you are prepping for, your budget,  the level of concern, your personal needs and your geographic location.  Keep in mind that creating a bug out bag is  being prepared just in case SHTF, but hopefully you will never have use it in your life time.  

The following information is comprised by PreppersWorld.com staff as  recommendation and suggestion only!  We hope it is useful and educational for everyone,  especially rookie preppers. 

Create a MII Satchel/Pack (Most Important Items Satchel/Pack) Click to find out more on MII 

MII Satchel/Pack

MII Satchel/Pack

First, we recommend preppers to brainstorm a list of the most essential survival items or Most Important Items (MII).  Focus on items you need to survive for a short period of time when SHTF which you are able to carry if you have to leave your house quickly.  Write all the items down on a piece of paper or a notepad.  Focus on small items 1st, try to fit these Most Important Items (MII) in to a small satchel or backpack that is easy to carry even an 8 year old can handle.   Below is an example list:

Tier 1 items (Most Important Items)

-Prescription drugs      -Matches, lighters        -Knife/knives  -Medical kit

-Maps sealed plastic bags                                -Compass                   

-Flexible saw               -Flash lights

-Portable radio                        -Fish hooks & line       -duct tape        -Sewing kit

-Candles/glow sticks   -portable water filter   -Energy bars/ meal replacement bars

-Family pictures          -Identifications           -Pens & markers

with contact info         -Rope/para cord          -whistle

-Mess tin with utensil  -notepad/paper                        -Money(paper + coins)           

-Snare wire (brass wire)          -tissue packs    -disposable dust masks

-heavy duty trash bags            -water purification tablets       Snake bit kit

-small multi function tool kit  -bottled water-Goggles

-Pistol & ammo*

Quick Tip: You can find some of the gear listed above that are combined into one device which will help save room.  There are hand crank portable radios that also have a flash light on it. Knife with compass on the handle…etc. 

Once you fit all your MII in to your satchel.  Now you can take your time to gather more survival items to complete your Bug Out Bag!  The reason we recommend a MII satchel  is to keep the most essential survival gear in one place, with easy access and easy to carry.  There are times that you might not be able to carry a 50lb BOB and you might have to unload the rest of the gears and only keep the most important items. 

Example situations:

                        -you are injured and can not carry large BOB with you

                        -during crowded transports, vehicles might get too heavy and need to unload weight

                        -situations that require you to run fast and you need to drop weight

                        -situations that require you to swim

If any of these situation arise, you will only be able to just grab your MII satchels and drop the rest of the gears quickly adapting to the emergency situation to survive.


Completing your BOB!

Once you are done with your MII satchel, and crossed out all the items from your MII list, you can continue building your Bug Out Bag.  Just like when you build your MII satchel, brainstorm a list of items you will need to survive, focus more for a longer survival period.  Below is an example list:

Tier 2 items

-2nd pistol with spare ammo               -Small axe

-folding shovel                                    -multi-vitamins

-ponchos                                              -spare batteries

-tarp                                                     -blankets

-small toiletry                                      -bug repellent                                     

-sleeping bag                                       -goretex rain pants

-additional bottled water                    -ziploc bag-rations of food                            

-spare batteries                                   

-synthetic sleeping bag rated according to your climate and season

-Camping hammock

Tier 3 Items

* Please keep in mind some of these items might transfer to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 item list.  Reason being other factors like your geographical location, weather and the time of the seasons.  Please use common sense when you pack these items and you might have to switch items out according to different weather patterns or progressive events.  

Example:  if you live in a tropical area, you might not need heavy winter jackets in your tier 1 item list.  But if you live in Alaska or somewhere cold and snowy, most of your winter gears should be in your tier 1 or tier 2 items list.

-Synthetic long underwear


-Polar fleece, long-sleeve

-SPF 50 sun block


-Snakebite kit

-Cortisone cream, Benadryl

-small bottle of gun oil

-tactical ammo vest (wearing)

-deck of cards

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