EMP Attacks

We are living in a world completely immersed in advanced technology and most of us can not go through a day without them.  Everyday we use our cell phones and computers, we drive everywhere with our cars and fly on planes, we watch TV on cable and satellite.  An EMP attack could put an end to everything. 

EMP stands for ElectroMagnetic Pulse.  It’s a very powerful blast of electromagnetic energy or burst of electromagnetic radiation.  An EMP attack will cost havoc on all electronics by blasting powerful energy across a significant portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Nuclear explosions, solar flares, sudden fluctuations of magnetic fields and high energy explosions can produce EMP.

Many countries like, USA, China, North Korea and Russia have EMP weapon capabilities. If a nuclear bomb was exploded in the atmosphere, the electromagnetic pulse would wipe out electronic devices across the United States.   All power will be lost, most cars won’t start, planes won’t fly and could send the entire country back to the stone age.  Without computers, power and transportations, the entire country will quickly spinning out of control and leave our world into darkness and civil unrest.

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