Hurricanes are one of natures many destructive forces. The word comes from West Indian; huracan (“big wind”). Hurricanes are seasonal storms and are most prevalent in August and September. They develop from easterly waves, which can later develop into a tropical depression with winds up to 31 miles per hour. Later, it might develop into a tropical storm with winds up to 73 miles per hour, and eventually a hurricane. Thunderstorms often form with hurricanes and then produce waterspouts.

Hurricanes are huge tropical cyclones that originate over oceans near the equator, such as the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Usually they follow a parabola shaped path and sometimes do not reach any land at all. However, if they do reach land, destruction of property is imminent. Winds whirl in a counter clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Wind speeds of a hurricane range from seventy to one hundred fifty miles per hour. These winds blow circularly around a low-pressure center known as the eye of the storm. Hurricanes cause numerous deaths in addition to the millions of dollars of property damage each year due to the intense winds and huge tidal surges.

learn how to prepare for Tornados and Hurricane

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  1. Actually, the hurricane aerumgnt is an example of the “broken window fallacy”. It is NOT economically useful to break a bunch of windows, hire people to replace them, and then go break them again, hire people to replace them, etc. At BEST, that is economically null, at worst, it is extremely counter-productive. It is far better to construct new buildings to house new businesses which will hire new workers, etc.Also, I thought that the impending ice age of the 1970s was going to cause drought, famine, and competition for reduced resources, leading to war, starvation, etc.Now, Bernie thinks that warmer weather will cause all of these EXACT SAME THINGS. No, Bernie, warmer weather causes extended growing seasons and higher crop yields, leading to greater availability of food.

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