What Are You Prepping For?

A prepper is a person preparing for the future!  Many people are preppers and don’t even know it.  Most of us would prepare for a vacation by packing, shopping for the things we need for the trip, get cash from the bank, book a rental car, leaving away messages on our office phone and email…etc.  What would happen if you decided not to prepare and just wing it the day you start your vacation?  Well, you might miss your plane because you have to pack couple hours before your flight, once you reached your destination you might spend hours or even days to find an ATM to get cash and buy things you need for your vacation.  You might not be able to rent a car because you didn’t book one.  Back home, your dog is hungry and lonely so he decided to tear up your house while everyone is calling you and emailing you wondering where you are, things can get pretty ugly really fast!

Unfortunately life is not as simple as going on vacation.  Many of us will experience ups and downs, wonderful moments and horrific times all  through our life.  Those who are prepared will make their life much easier during the horrific times, and be able to enjoy more wonderful moments.  The Degree of your preparedness is dependent on the level of  concerns and knowing whats really going on around you.  Being aware is a very important 1st step for you to decide what to prepare for.  As you gather more information, you  will be able to understand and assess the situation then develop plans to initiate preparation.

Terrorists Attack, EMP Attacks, Killer Pandemic, Natural Disaster, Financial Collapse,    Civil Unrest, Food/Water Shortage, Power Outage, Hurricane/Tornado,Earthquake, Nuclear Fallout, Hyperinflation, War, Others

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