PreppersWorld List Of “Must Have” Prepping Items!

These Items are a must haves to help you survive disasters both natural or manmade.  We consider them “Must Have” prepping items because when SHTF, people will hoard these essential items and they will disappear quickly.  Please go through the list, prioritize each item according to your financial situation, level of concern and reasons you are prepping .  Review your shopping list often and lookout for special sales online or when you get offers in the mail to save some money.  Also, take an inventory and see what items you already have around the house so you don’t waste money on things you already have. 

We will try to update this list as often as possible.  Please use this list as your starting point!   Feel free to message us if you have  any suggestions. 

Gas masks, dust mask

swimming goggles, protective eye wear

Water barrels, plastic cans & buckets, trash barrels


Hazmat suits

Water, Soda, bottled juices, bottled energy drinks

Water filters, portable water filtration devices

Water purification tablets & solutions

Firewood, woodstove pellets


Guns and ammunition

Knives (all different kinds. large and small ones)

Cooking oil



Propane tanks (filled)

Maps (local Maps and surrounding cities and states)

Garden vegetable seeds (make sure non-hybrid, non GMO seeds)

Books for home growing fruit & vegetable, books on container gardening.

Survival guide/books (small portable and weather proof recommended)*

Flash lights and other portable lighting source

Oil lanterns

Batteries (every kinds)

Laundry supplies


Fishing supplies (poles, hooks, lines)

Thermal underwear

Personal hygiene products. toothpaste, floss, nail trimmers, shaving supplies

Tools, prefer non power hand tools( in case no power available)

Aluminum foil

Gasoline containers

Heavy duty garbage bags

Toilet papers, tissues, paper towels,( load up as much as you can, they don’t expire and they are only getting more expensive, just to make sure they stay dry)

Cloths, gloves, boots, heavy jeans, belts, winter jackets

RVs, Campers both for sale and rental

Fire extinguishers and baking soda.  (In the case of power outage, you might use candle or alternative light source, it’s good to be prepared for accidental fire in the house)

First Aid kit

Aspirin, over the counter pain killers, cold & flu medicines.  Other regularly use medicines you might need.  Load up when you see them on sale at your local drug stores.

(Click here to see the’s over the counter medicine list)

Canned food, like tuna, beans, soups..

Spices, vinegars, baking supplies,

Small solar-powered panels, or solar powered rechargers

Flour, yeast and salts

Pet food, pet supplies  (If you have pets)

Matches, lighters, fire starters flints

Papers, notepads, pen and pencils

Coolers, all sizes


Garbage barrels and cans

Duct tape

Insect repellents, sun screen

Candles, oil lamps

Backpacks, duffel bags,

Garden tools and supplies

Bleach,  (non scented, 4-6% sodium hypochlorite)

Bicycles, tires, tubes, pumps, chains, locks

Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows mats

Carbon monoxide alarm

mouse traps, roach and ant killers,

Rain gear. rain coats, rubberized boots, umbrellas

Hand pumps and siphons

Winter cloths and winter gear, socks, gloves…etc

Window insulations. Tarps, plastic wraps..

Lumber (all types and all sizes)

Super clue, nails, screws, nuts & bolts. (all sizes)

tea and coffee

Wine/liquor  (medical purposes, bartering and partying)

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