What Are You Doing To Prepare For War & Other Disasters?

PreppersWorld’s Prepper Part I Understand What Is Going On!  Be Smart, Be A Prepper!

I am sure most of you landed on this page because you were asking yourself:

“What the hell am I suppose to do?  Where do I start?  What should I do to prepare? “Am I going to survive this? “


Well, we offer a few suggestions and recommendations to help you answer the first three questions.  The general answer for the last question is “Nobody Knows”! If you are religious, then the answer is “Only God Knows”!  And if you are an atheist, then the chances for your survival is dependant on a few factors such as how well you are prepared, your geographic location and how lucky you are.

The key ingredients to your preparedness is keeping up with  live news/information,  ability to obtain relevant intel.  Being without intel/news/updates is like hiking in the dark, you will be bumping into trees, rock and eventually falling off a cliff.  So keep up with the news on your TV, internet, radio….etc. Keep a portable radio handy just in case.  (click here to see PreppersWorld List of “Must Have” Prepping Items and What’s in our Bug Out Bag)

Most people in this country are living in a fantasy land.  They don’t believe anything bad will happen to them and they believe our government will always be there to protect them and help them when they are in trouble.  Well, many victims of hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy would disagree with them.  Most Americans are vulnerable and unprepared for any manmade or natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars or any disruptive calamities.  People are  busy working to provide for their families and spend most of their free times watching sports or their favorite TV shows.  They only worry and want to be prepared when SHTF, usually by then there are limited options and chance for survival will be slim!

If a World War (especially involving nuclear weapons) breaks out tomorrow, or an EMP knocks out the entire power grid from a major solar flare or from a terrorist attack, or a giant meteor hits earth,  it will most likely be too late for you to start prepping.  Since no one knows exactly when these catastrophic events will happen, today should be your wake up call to start preparing to protect yourself to improve your chances of survival!

Always remember “By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail”  Benjamin Franklin

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