Preppers World Emergency Medical Kit.


Emergency Medical Kit is a must have for everyone regardless if you are a prepper or not! Having a Emergency Medical kit might save lives or at least help relief pain or stop bleeding during a medical emergency. It is even more important for preppers in a bug-out situation when professional medical care might not be available. Below is a list of items we suggest everyone should have in their emergency medical kit or Fist Aid pack!  (The list is just our recommendation, feel free to add or delete any items to better for your personal preference)

PreppersWorld Emergency Medical Kit! 
Butterfly sutures.
Headlamp (preferred) or flashlight
Safety razor blade
Needle-nose pliers with wire cutter
Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
Individually wrapped, sterile gauze pads
Roll of absorbent cotton
Antibiotic Ointments
Steel sewing needle with heavy-duty thread
Surgical blades.
Floss or Fishing String
Aspirin & Ibuprofen
Absorbent compress dressings
Finger Nail Clipper
Cotton-tipped swabs
Surgical tape
Adhesive dressing
Quikclot wound care
Disposable gloves
Antihistamine cream
Triangular bandage
100 assorted adhesive plasters
Eye dressing
Small bottle sterile eyewash
Codeine phosphate
Chemical ice packs
1 bottle alcohol
Burn dressing
Medical Manual or First Aid Handbook
Hand sanitizer
Duct tape

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