Terrorists Atttacks

Violent acts intended to create fear which carried out in the name of religions, political or ideological goals.  Terrorist attacks are devastating acts by individual or groups inflicting pain, fear and uncertainties to the public.  

Some of the major terrorist attacks world wide.

-WorldTradeCenter attack Sept 11 2001
-The Oklahoma city Bombing April 19, 1995
-Bombing of the USS Cole Oct 12, 2000
-Bombing of the Pan Am Flight 103 Dec 21, 1988
-Beslan Russia massacre Sept 1, 2004
-Mumbai India car bombing March 12, 1993

Terrorism is a critical issue that most of us are facing today.  Terrorist attacks had taken millions of innocent lives.  Its a very difficult task to prevent terrorism for many countries around the world.  Countries like US. UK, Russian…etc spent millions of dollars and countless hours on intelligence gatherings, special operations to counter terrorism.

Learn how you can prepare for a terrorist attack

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