Water Storage for Preppers!

For most preppers, water storage is their #1 priority.  Even if you are not a prepper, it’s wise for you to have some extra bottled water stored in your home just in case of big storm, natural disasters or drinking water contamination happen.

Imagine this, a big storm or an earthquake just hit your town, your house survived structural damage and everyone in your family is okay, but the power and water are out! Nobody knows when the power will come back on and it’s a disaster out on the streets, where will you get water for you and your family to survive?  Would you have enough water in your home to last until the water came back?


How Much water do you need?

A rule of thumb is that each person should have 1 gallon of water per day.  But that number will varies depending on many host of factors. Example, if you live in a hot area, you might need a lot more. As of how many days should you prepare for it’s entirely up to the reason why you are preparing.

FEMA recommends every person should have at least 3 days supply of water. But 3 days of supply of water will only help you get through small storms, tornadoes, or minor water contamination at your town.  So 3 days is a good starting point and you need to figure out why you are prepping and have a plan according to your biggest concerns.

Below is a You Tube video on Water storage for preppers using rain barrels system.

Water Storage Rain Barrel System expanded to 220 gallons. Step by step how to build video. Used mainly to water a vegetable garden, the naturally clean and fresh water results in strong healthy plants.

It is also good to have in case of a SHTF scenario where there might be extended power outages caused by a natural or man made disaster.

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