What Are You Doing To Prepare For War & Other Disasters? PreppersWorld Prepper-Part II

Places to Stay Away From When Disasters Happen!

The very first step to start prepping is to figure out what you are prepping for!

(Click here to figure out what you are prepping for)  There are  many reasons that motivate someone to start prepping.  Your depth of  preparedness should be gauged on your level of concerns and the progressive events that are happening around you.   Once you figure out the core reason/s why you are prepping then you should be able to continue your prepping to increase your chance of survival if disaster hits!

Knowledge, common sense and survival skills are the most important things to have before you start buying water, storage food, guns and other prepping items.   Knowledge is power, so we encourage everyone to continue to learn about the history of this world, read books or articles on how everything works, continue to learn more survival skills, then combine with common sense to increase your chances of survival if SHTF!

We at PreppersWorld.com put together a list of topics through our research to inform, educate and help you become a better prepper!  They are just suggestions and recommendations for anyone who wants to learn more about these topics. Every situation is different, everyone has different concerns and worries, so please use common sense if you decided to apply any of these suggestions and recommendations to your prepping experience.

This is not an official expert survivalist publication. The information presented here may or may not reflect the most current procedures and should not be solely relied upon to make decisions of a substantive nature.

Topic #1 

Places to stay away from when disasters happen!

Major metropolitan cities, downtown areas in any city

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, markets, convince stores, pharmacies

Gas stations

Hardware stores



Major highways

Airports, Bus and train terminals, Malls…..others

Major metropolitan cities, Downtown areas in any city

 This one should be a no brainer.  There are more people living in most major metropolitan areas or cities than suburbs and farming areas.  When disaster hits, regardless of what disaster, more people will panic, more traffic which will create more congestion, more chaos and more crimes!   Just think, you have higher chance to get hurt if disaster happens during celebratory events like downtown parades, city marathons and holiday gatherings.   A small incident could quickly turn in to a full blown riot or panic  which will lead to injuries or even death from people stepping over each other trying to flee!  Most people living in these areas would not know what to do if or when disaster hits!  Their first reaction is to run with the crowd because they confused or panicked.  Most of them will  get in their cars and head towards the highways trying to get out of the city, driving themselves in to a death trap!

If you don’t live in  metropolitan areas or downtown areas of a city, stay away from them before, during and after a disaster.  (Assuming you see signs a disaster is imminent such as an official warning of a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, pandemic or war.)

If you are living in the city, you should have an evacuation plan in place.  You should map out a few escape routes to a few predetermined bug out locations.  All your escape routes should avoid any major highways or public transportation.  We suggest you talk to families and friends who are living outside the city or in the rural areas.  If you don’t know anyone living in those areas, you might want to consider bugging out to a ski resort, camp ground or national park that are as far away from the cities as possible.

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, markets, convenience stores, pharmacies

Most supermarkets and pharmacies have about 3-4 days worth of supplies.  If the power grid goes down, an earthquake or tsunami hits; or nuclear attack or a major storm where supply deliveries are not available, all the store shelves will be empty within 3 days.  These places will be chaotic and dangerous because people will be scared and angry and will hoard supplies.  Never mind during a disaster, I am sure you saw videos on “Black Friday” shopping.  Most people are irrational, they fight, trample over people, even kill to buy cheap products for Christmas,  they will have no problem hurting you if there is only one loaf of bread left in the store!  A scary fact, more than 1 in 10 Americans use antidepressants.  Just think of the chaos with 35 million angry, depressed people.

So be prepared, stock up on food, water and medicine.  Talk to your doctor about your prescriptions for emergency situation.  (Click here for PreppersWorld List Of “Must Have” Prepping Items and PreppersWorld.com’s Over The Counter Medicine List)

Stockpile enough food, water, medicine and other emergency supplies for a minimum of  2- 4 months so you will be able to stay in your house and stay away from these places. 

Hardware Store

Before a hurricane, tornados, a major winter storm and most natural disasters, people usually rush to the hardware store to buy plywood, boarding supplies for their windows and doors, sand bags, tools and even generators in case of blackouts!  In one winter, I’d seeen hundreds of people waiting in line fighting over shovels on the eve of a major snow storm.  All the hardware stores sold out of any kind of shovel and snow blower.  Being in these places before, during or even after a major disaster you also risk the chance of getting hurt or the store running out of supplies.  So be smart, plan ahead and strategically load up on supplies and tools you think you might need in case of disaster.

Hospitals, Emergency Room

If you don’t need immediate professional medical care, stay away from these places during or right after a disaster.  Hospitals and ERs are usually busy on a normal day, especially the ones in or near major cities.  Depending on the severity of the disaster and the conditions for your injury of illness, it might be wise to wait it out in your home and treat your injures on your own rather than fight traffic to get to an already crowed hospital or ER to find out no doctor or nurses can help you.  The worst case scenario you are stuck on the highway trying to get to the hospital while suffering from an injury or even bleeding to death.  Be smart and be prepared!   Load up on emergency medical supplies.  Buy some emergency medical treatment books and learn how to treat basic medical conditions.  Another way to be prepared is to prep, as a group and include few  friends that are doctors near your house if possible.  Or at least find out if there are any doctors living in your area!  This will leave you with some options to seek medical help when going to the hospital is not a viable option.



During any major financial collapses, history had told us banks are guaranteed to be a risky spot to be, so stay away.  When the banks are out of money and shut their doors, there will be no money to be withdraw regardless how many days people protest and riot in front of the banks.  People need to understand that simple concept.  Unfortunately many people will refuse to believe that all their life savings are gone in an instant!   Most recent bank collapse was the Cyprus bank “bailed-in” on March of 2013.  All Cypriot banks were shut down because the government decided to confiscate deposits and enforce capital control.  People protested and rioted in front of the banks  but no money was available until days later when the country got a bail out from the European union by sending cash with trucks to their banks. 

It’s very important for everyone to  learn what makes the banks of a country insolvent which will lead to banking crisis, financial collapse and ultimately shutting down all banks.  In 2008, US. banks were collapsing one by one, until the US government stepped in pumping many hundreds of billions to recapitalize these banks to save them from collapsing.  The US. government most likely won’t be able to help if the US banks are insolvent again, and we think there is a high probability that they will collapse in the near future.  So be prepared and don’t be left out in front of the banks crying for your money.  Few things you can do to protect yourself

  • Don’t leave all your cash in the banks, keep some at home or safe (safe deposit box is not recommended, when the banks are closed, you won’t able to get it)
  • Diversify your asset by owning some precious metals (gold, silver, platinum..etc)
  • Have few bank accounts, local small banks or credit unions
  • Keep physical records of your bank statements (incase of bank hacking, and long term blackout)

Airports, Bus and train terminals and other places!

Use common sense, be mentally prepared before any major disasters hit!  Most people are not preppers and they are not prepared both mentally and physically.  When SHTF, they will panic, stress, be confused and will most likely follow the herd.  Airports, bus and train terminals will most likely be packed with people trying to get out of town, but I am sure most of them won’t even know where they will be going.  Stay away from these places unless you absolutely sure you have some sort of specially connection that will guaranteed you a ride out of town.   Other places to stay out of:  malls, major shopping plazas, food banks, food storage facilities and anywhere where large number of people might be gathering for protest, rioting or try to get food, water and supplies.

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