What IS A MII Satchel/Pack? Why Should You Have One?

The reason we recommend a MII satchel/Pack is to keep the most essential survival items/gear in one place, with easy access and easy to carry.  There are times that you might not be able to carry a 50lb BOB and you might have to unload the rest of the gear and only keep the most important items.  Example of situations like;


                        -you are injured and can not carry large BOB with you

                        -during crowded transports, vehicles might get too heavy and need to unload weights

                        -situations require you to run fast and you need to drop weights

                        -situations require you to swim and it will impossible to have carry theentire BOB

If any of these situation arise, you will be able to just grab your MII satchel and drop the rest of the gear quickly adapting to the emergency situation to survive.

Choosing a MII satchel should be an easy task.  We recommend a light weight, water proof/resistance satchel or  backpack. The smaller the better, but you have to make sure it will fit all your most essential items in this satchel/backpack.  Once you completed your MII satchel, then you can continue to add your other items to complete your Bug Out Bag.  (Click here for Bug-Out Bag)

Here are the basic items we suggest you put in your MII satchel. 

Please keep in mind there might be additional items that you might consider a “Most essential item” due to your specific geographical location, weather and progressive events.  This list is just a recommendation, you should use commonsense to adjust your list to better create your MII satchel.

-Prescription drugs      -Matches, lighters        -Knife/knives  -Medical kit

-Maps sealed plastic bags                                -Compass                   

-Flexible saw               -Flash lights

-Portable radio                        -Fish hooks & line       -duct tape        -Sewing kit

-Candles/glow sticks   -portable water filter   -Energy bars/ meal replacement bars

-Family pictures          -Identifications           -Pens & markers

with contact info         -Rope                          -whistle

-Mess tin with utensil  -notepad/paper                        -Money(paper + coins)           

-Snare wire (brass wire)          -tissue packs    -disposable dust masks

-heavy duty trash bags            -water purification tablets       Snake bit kit

-small multi function tool kit  -bottled water-Goggles

-Pistol & ammo (can be carry on your body)

MII Satchel/Pack

MII Satchel/Pack

            Quick tips: Some of the gears listed above can be combined into one device to

            save room.  There are hand crank portable radios that also have a flash light on it.

            Knife with compass on the handle…etc. 

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